Raw Material Acceptance and Surface Treatment

Raw materials procured from domestic and foreign steel producers are subjected to entrance quality control processes such as dimensional, visual, chemical and mechanical controls in line with Tekelioğlu Civata technical specifications. After these processes, raw materials entered into the ERP system and its traceability is ensured.

Cold Forging

Bolts and fasteners are produced in multi-station cold forging machines with raw materials whose surface treatment processes are completed. With the data automation systems in the production line, production can be maintained by providing instant data flow, quality control processes and online traceability.

Hot Forging

Raw materials with certificates suitable for the hot forging process are cut in suitable types and diameters according to the requested product and transferred to the production line. It carries out its production in accordance with the technical drawing and work order, with temperature control by induction method. The majority of our production line consists of special fasteners. Solutions to customer demands are provided with production traceability and quality control processes.

Secondary Operations

According to the work order and technical drawing in our secondary operations unit ,



-Cnc Machining


-Thread Rolling

-Operations are performed.

Heat Treatment Operations

In order to bring the final mechanical properties of the semi-finished products, the production processes of which are completed, the production of 8.8,9.8,10.9,12.9 and 14.9 quality grades is completed in suitable atmospheres with our continuous and chamber type furnaces. Lot traceability and production history are archived by transferring the data from our heat treatment line to our system.

Coating Operations

Products for which high corrosion resistance is required in line with customer demands ,


-Electrolytic Zinc Coatings

-Electrolytic Zinc Nickel Coatings

-Zinc Lamellar Coatings (Geomet , Delta Tone Etc.)

-Hot Dip Galvanization

- Zinc Phosphate Coating  types of coating operations are performed.


Products are packaged in accordance with Tekelioğlu Bolt process or according to customer demands and are ready for shipment. It is labeled according to product type and standard, product quality, coating type, quantity and lot numbers.