Tekelioğlu Cıvata aims to develop continuously by making production without compromising the quality, ensuring compliance with national and international standards, meeting the demands and expectations of customers for the purpose of providing appropriate service to them.


Accordingly, we undertake to;


disseminate customer satisfaction oriented approach to the whole organization through effective communication,

keep up with the technological developments in order to achieve success and make continuous innovations in this direction,

continuously increase the qualification levels of our employees through the training programs to produce high quality products,

ensure the participation of all employees in the improvement of production processes,

preventing failures before they occur through the risk-oriented approach, zero-error philosophy, and proactive policies and taking precautions required not to repeat errors

conduct studies to measure and increase the performance of the quality management system,

ensure the continuous improvement of the quality management system in accordance with the legal requirements.

    Tekelioğlu Cıvata aims to continuously develop with a resource and waste management system that will prevent waste at its source by applying necessary technical advancements in order to achieve its environmental principles and targets in at all stages of its activities.




Accordingly, we undertake to;


determine the amount of waste and resource consumption that may occur in each production stage and control them with necessary supports, in this respect, prevent damage to the environment by improving recycling methods,

provide the necessary training to our employees on environment and waste management

measure and continuously improve our performance towards environmental protection within the framework of the sustainability principle,

make an endeavour to reduce the consumption of natural resources by ensuring the efficient use of energy, water and recycled materials,

ensure the continuous improvement of the environmental management system in accordance with legal requirements in order to improve the environmental performance and recovery methods.

Tekelioğlu Cıvata aims to provide necessary technical, financial and human support and to avoid losses in order to ensure safe and healthy work environments in each stage of its operations from raw material procurement to production, transportation, and all other services.


Accordingly, we undertake to;


prevent accidents, injuries and various health problems by keeping working environments and processes healthy and safe,

prevent occupational diseases by prioritizing employee health,

ensure “Safe Production” by determining and systematically managing occupational health and safety risks,

conduct studies to measure and increase the performance of the occupational health and safety management system

ensure that all our employees receive the necessary training for their health and safety

extend the security culture to the whole organization with the participation of all employees,

ensure the continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system in accordance with legal requirements with the participation of employee and employee representative.